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Lady Domenika is a music teach in this S M film with some unusal teaching methods. She teaches her ill-bred pupils not only the right flute tones, but also, how to obediently take pain for the lovely Mrs. Lehrerin's desire. The lovely blonde, Lola, is especially given a little flute treatment. Emily and Chrissi show hardly any talent when it comes to playing the piano; however- after a little motivation with a ruler and some clips - they improve greatly. When all three dare to rebel, the madame seizes the opportunity to use a long-proven teaching material: take their undergarments off, bend them over, and go for their asses until they succomb willingly to the whip.

Three attractive models are all packed and ready to leave for a lucrative two-week modeling assignment in Dubai when one of them announces that she can’t find her passport. The other two girls are furious with her since the contract states that they all must go in order to get their money. Debi is so angry that she orders the girl across her knee for a sharp bare bottomed spanking followed by a brutal paddling, making her cheeks very red. Her anger sis only satisfied by an additional caning to her bottom. While this has been going on the other girl Georgette, has been desperately searching the flat for the missing passport. She realizes after a bit of unpacking that it is HER passport that is missing, not the other girls'! Debi can’t believe that such and error occurred and sees no alternative but to give Georgette a sore bottom for all the trouble that she has caused!

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