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“Cuckold Fantasies†has shown you many different types of husbands and wives. But this time it's different. Katie and Rick are a REAL MARRIED COUPLE! For them, cuckolding isn't just a movie fantasy, it's a way of life! AND WHAT A FUCKING LIFE!!! We begin with their visit to kinky marriage counselor, Dr. Phil Errup. When they confess that their sex life has become boring, Dr. Phil recommends they consider a swinging lifestyle. He goes even further, prescribing that they watch Roman Video's series of Cuckold Fantasies. They take the doctor's advice. At home, they watch some cuckold videos and become so turned on that they FUCK with a new found intensity. Rick eats Katie's pussy as she talks about fucking a black guy she's seen at the gym. Katie sucks her husband's cock before he gives her a fierce doggy-style pounding. When he CUMS INSIDE HER she tells him to practice eating other men's cum by starting with his own. He obeys. Seeing her husband so subservient, Katie takes charge, ordering Rick to put on a CHASTITY DEVICE and wait while she goes to the gym to pick the black guy she's been fantasizing about. Later, she returns home with TYLER, and her husband is shocked. He thought it was all just fantasy role play. But Katie took Dr. Phil's advice very seriously. As Rick kneels, naked, he watches his wife pull out Tyler's MASSIVE BLACK COCK and start TIT FUCKING it between her large mammaries.

In this brand spanking new CFNM set we start with two of our hottest models taking a stroll through down town Prague. Meeting two girls out on a dog walk they invite them back to their place. Once there they are surprised to see the things these girls are into. Coming out wrapped in black latex, they order the boys to strip. Admiring their toned bodies the girls get a few ideas. Securing them in cuffs they then attach them so they are completely immobile. Bound and gagged they are helpless against the girl’s whips, and are soon pink and tingling as these dominatrix begin to work on their cocks.

Radio Superstar Bubba the Love Sponge continues bringing the insanity of his radio show to film. Bubba Raw #2 picks up where volume one ended, with more of the outrageous bubba antics with Spice Boy, 25 Cent and the rest of the BRN Crew. Bubba the Love Sponge hosts the most out of control, no holds barred radio show and Bubba Raw #2 is your all-access, behind the scenes look into the world of radio's most notorious bad boy. Featuring Adult entertainment super star Stormy Daniels, Penthouse Pet Taya Parker, Cobra Kid David Weathers versus the venomous rattle snake, the Rev Bob Levy getting strapped into the torment rack, and a homeless beauty pagent. Bubba Raw #2 is the most outrageous entertainment anywhere, this flick is boot camp for all the members of the Bubba Army!

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